G'Kar, lost, holding the Book of G'Quan

Episode 31: “The Coming of Shadows”

In every story worth its salt, there’s at least one pivot point. We’ve already had a couple in Babylon 5.

B5AG guest and Radio Free Skaro host
Steven Schapansky

This one won a Hugo. That made it a perfect time for our Control Group, Steven Schapansky of Radio Free Skaro and Lazy Doctor Who, to come back once more.

“He said…pick a target.”

6 thoughts on “Episode 31: “The Coming of Shadows””

  1. Off topic question. I just finished season 4, and I’m a couple episodes into season 5. The season 4 finale felt like the natural end of the series, and so far season 5 feels like a tacked on addition. Is it safe for me to listen to the spoilers now, or should I hold off until I finish season 5?

    1. I think that at this point the spoilers wouldn’t mention much that you haven’t already seen so if you don’t mind knowing a few things ahead of time go ahead.

      1. I mildly disagree–there are a few character developments that we might spoil that you may prefer not being surprised by.

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