G'Kar, lost, holding the Book of G'Quan

Episode 31: “The Coming of Shadows”

In every story worth its salt, there’s at least one pivot point. We’ve already had a couple in Babylon 5.

B5AG guest and Radio Free Skaro host
Steven Schapansky

This one won a Hugo. That made it a perfect time for our Control Group, Steven Schapansky of Radio Free Skaro and Lazy Doctor Who, to come back once more.

“He said…pick a target.”

7 thoughts on “Episode 31: “The Coming of Shadows””

  1. Off topic question. I just finished season 4, and I’m a couple episodes into season 5. The season 4 finale felt like the natural end of the series, and so far season 5 feels like a tacked on addition. Is it safe for me to listen to the spoilers now, or should I hold off until I finish season 5?

    1. I think that at this point the spoilers wouldn’t mention much that you haven’t already seen so if you don’t mind knowing a few things ahead of time go ahead.

      1. I mildly disagree–there are a few character developments that we might spoil that you may prefer not being surprised by.

  2. My son and I took an unintended break from B5 for a few weeks and came back on this episode. Good choice!
    We did enjoy the little twists of fate that added up to a difficult future.
    I really do love the costumes…the “mess dress” uniform for Earth Force different from the daily uniform, and the Emperor’s fancy duds.
    And Kosh never can say anything clear. Looking forward to getting back into the show.

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