6 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-free Discussion of “There All the Honor Lies””

  1. Yeah, the Minbari don’t lie. The Shai Alyt’s body was totally beamed up into heaven by the gods.

    Kosh’s lesson in beauty struck me as gimmicky when I first saw it, since the episode was aired immediately after the 1994 album “Chant” by the monks of Santo Domingo de Silios went double-platinum. The robed figures chanted the first track on the album (“Puer Natus Est Nobis”). I don’t know, maybe it was coincidence, but when that album hit big, Gregorian chants were fraggin everywhere for a very brief period of time, and this episode was smack in the middle of that period of time. I’m less annoyed by it now than I used to be.

  2. Soul Mates took flak and I think was hard done by, taking polygamous marriage as a silly or farcical stick to beat into shape the story. ‘There all the Honour’ be more internalised culture: the ho-ho in-joke of geek toys, the trope of the captain framed, the trope of someone (two) having to leave their position because of political calamities. On first fly-by, really, it’s the lesser of David’s two entries. But then, he’s Peter David, one master of quick and witting dialogue, he works by chameleon power, inserting himself into being just-another-voice in the property. This is where I really learned to appreciate this episode. David is playing the JMS signatures: makng use of arc material; playing the arcs out a few steps; playing many of them; exploring in more detail established character and culture aspects. The five or so plots running through this, some bitty, form a great tapestry that feels like any episode of B5, particularly ones in the future. The cast and crew turn in an excellent job. I felt similarly about the lawyer: some disparity between script, casting, act and edit.

  3. Na’toth WOULD be a great defense attorney. JCB has unmistakable poise, and I recognized her immediately even without the makeup.

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