Earhart’s: “Thirdspace” Spoiler Space

As part of the move to TNT, a couple of B5 TV movies happened. This is the one that didn’t crib chunks of its footage from previous episodes. This is the one that supposedly took place during Season 4, but has a lot of character and plot development that sometimes doesn’t gel.

In other words, retcons are rarely seamless and they shouldn’t have renumbered the Narnia books. Thrash it all out, past and future, here.

One thought on “Earhart’s: “Thirdspace” Spoiler Space”

  1. No spoliery comments at all on this one? I was just struck by your referencing Eilerson as the next big unscrupulous IPX archaeologist, but you never mentioned Ian McShane’s character in The River of Souls… Or was he not IPX?

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