Russ Tamblyn as Capt. Maynard

Episode 26: “A Distant Star”

Does Babylon 5¬†have a footwear agenda? Does Delenn need to pick up a copy of Leadership Lessons for the Newly Follicled?¬†And how about that happy-go-lucky Captain Sheridan who has taken to gnawing his executive staff’s heads off? It’s just another day in hyperspace for the calm, collected crew of the EAS Cortez. (No it’s not and no they’re not.) Welcome to “A Distant Star.”

One thought on “Episode 26: “A Distant Star””

  1. I was having trouble understanding Sheridan’s change of mood, but I liked your explanation. I was thinking Space Cowboy was gunning for boss of B5, so I’m glad that didn’t happen. (Or maybe it comes up again in the future??) And you guys pointed out how Sheridan and Delenn were both having some troubles settling into their new roles. I liked their discussion in the garden very much.

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