Paul Winfield as Gen. Franklin

Episode 32: “GROPOS”

Paul Winfield comes onto the station as General Richard Franklin (no relation to the Doctor Who¬†actor, sorry) and brings 25,000 ground pounders with him as, one episode after the Narn-Centauri war began, our favorite space U.N. quickly takes on a decidedly military tone. Is “GROPOS” underrated? Were you squirming in your seats at Garibaldi and Dodger’s attempted assignation? For God’s sake, what about Keffer? And, for you folks who stick with us into the spoiler section–what is Chip’s greatest fear?

2 thoughts on “Episode 32: “GROPOS””

  1. This was actually my first episode. I saw it within the year after getting out of the military. I’d always thought branches of service (though within Earthforce it seems to be branches within the service) was something other sci-fi overlooked- and the whole rank structure wash heavily slanted toward officers, though at least partly because we’re talking about the command staff (I can only think of two recurring characters with an enlisted rank in Star Trek, and that’s Chief O’Brian, and Yeoman Rand)

    That said, I’ve always thought of Garibaldi as being the NCOIC of the station, though I believe he’s actually a warrant officer.

  2. I am former military and that can take away from my enjoyment of military depiction. (25,000 troops? You’re going to have to tell the logistics people ahead of time–for the food alone! They don’t ALL need to come off the ship, have liberty for a few groups at a time! Is the general really going to throw his weight around on another Captain’s ship and sit in HIS chair?) And it might have been solved by a call from a Senator saying “Yeah, we’re declaring martial law of B5. Look out!)
    A lot of things in this episode clunked for me, so I really appreciate your comments about how this episode depicted a military force showing up after war is declared, and showing how people fighting are going to be affected. THAT worked well. Perhaps a bit too much knuckledragging soldier characterization though. (That Sergeant Major)
    I did like how the Franklins’ worked on their conflict. And I liked Dodger a lot. (Ok, don’t wanna do the deed? At least let the woman appreciate some privacy and a real bed!)
    Hated Delenn’s attack, so I appreciate your insight into why she might be feeling so vulnerable.
    and your proposed ending (without the bad CGI) is now my head canon. Reactions and a camera pan totally enough. Because they did a good job of making us care about the characters.
    Your discussion really helped me appreciate the really good parts of this episode, so thanks!

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