Sheridan arrives at Delenn's to find many Minbari visitors.

Episode 75: “Racing Mars”

Somehow we made it through the whole episode without a John Barrowman reference. Chip considers this a personal failing. But, hey, let’s advance the Earth plot line a bit, spend significant time on another planet, and continue the buddy-movie adventures of Marcus and Steven. Plus, the Sheribaldi shippers take another gut punch…

(Is “Sheribaldi” a thing? Some of us are curious, and some of us are afraid.)

2 thoughts on “Episode 75: “Racing Mars””

  1. As a British person, I never heard Captain Jack as British… but I never thought he was Trying to be either. Captain Jack has what I would term the “Hollywood captain” accent, which has Some legitimacy since presumably captains move around a lot and may naturally mix regional accents…
    But specifically this kind of speech sounds to me like what Hollywood thinks captains sound like because it Definitely Doesn’t sound like ANY British accent 🙂

    There are Lots of examples of bad accents out there by both English and US actors trying to imitate each other (I do not understand this AT all, why not hire a nationally appropriate person even if they are less famous?) but often it seems to me they just Acting Characters with odd accents. I know lots of real people with accents that are a big mish mash, one of my favourites is Americans who think they’re Irish 😀

    Alan Rickman (English) in Die Hard did a German speaking English, and a German speaking English imitating American. Now even I was never exactly sold, that his “American” sounded quite right and I’ve recently heard that to Americans it’s more obvious (?) but he was pretending to be an employee in a massive international firm run by Japanese in America… an employee with a twisted accent wouldn’t be unusual right?

  2. Also Alleluia for the strong formidable but still feminine woman in charge!
    I absolutely agree, but would like to add the reason #1 stood out to me as a truly inspiring character is JMS didn’t man-ify her.

    Voyager for example had Loads of strong female leads, BUT they always had to Dress as men, wear their hair up or short like men, generally Act like men, whenever they were working, because “you can’t be a sexy, caring woman in authority, no no no,” but that’s selling women short.
    They don’t have to chop off their hair, or be sly seducers. All that says is that women can be men too, or that women can only rule Through men…

    I mean sure they’re Options, but Women can be in charge AND feminine. THAT’S what I love about #1 she’s in control and dominant but a flirty, almost shy, caring, smart, sexy, long haired, dress wearing, boss!

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