Episode 51: “Exogenesis”

We read the comments. We know that many of you question the worth of “Exogenesis.” But perhaps there’s another perspective out there, perhaps shared by some of your co-hosts, revolving around the unlikely word, “pleasant.”

Also, Chip makes the single stupidest title joke in the history of the podcast.

Episode 50: “Dust to Dust”

Bester’s back! Just in time for a thrilling police procedural…er, no. Because the telepathic drug plot is just the means to an end: a wholly unexpected and powerful confrontation between Londo and G’Kar. Is the episode really All That? With G’Kar screaming “All of it!” inside Londo’s mind, does it have to be?

Episode 49: “Voices of Authority”

In which Tiki Gods are real, not-Aragorn REALLY gets on Susan’s nerves, a PR consultant has extreme ideas about transparency and exposure, and an intercepted phone call brings the two major plot arcs of Babylon 5 crashing together.

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