Zocalo: Spoiler-Free Discussion of “Conflicts of Interest”

JMS dips his toes into the private-eye genre and gives Garibaldi some trouble. We find one thing that G’Kar and Londo can agree on. And Ivanova puts the finishing touches on the “Voice of the Resistance” broadcast with a bit of help from Stephen and… Zathras?

Talk about the past and present here, but not the future. That’s another thread.

7 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-Free Discussion of “Conflicts of Interest””

  1. Does it seem just slightly odd that nobody but Sheridan seems to expect that when you quit a job, you stop having the job? Garibaldi whining about having to give back guns he doesn’t own (also, I thought privately owned weapons were banned on Babylon 5), and feeling entitled to have the run of the station even as a private citizen rang false, though not as false as Zack being so uncomfortable with the, or no one else calling Garibaldi out on his sense of entitlement. Sheridan should’ve just started laughing in his face when he said no one would’ve died if they’d just been cool and let him keep using weapons and credentials that he essentially stole (also, getting a fine for theft and unauthorized use of a security chief’s access codes seems pretty lax; Garibaldi had a lot of authority as chief that could get a lot of people killed if it fell into the wrong hands).

    Granted, he’s bent the rules before, saving copies of classified files and looking into need-to-know stuff he didn’t need to know, but getting into gunfights and constantly trespassing into restricted areas of the station is just flaunting the fact that he thinks the rules don’t apply to him.

    1. David: I’ve written a response in the spoiler section. As usual, I start typing and realize that I’m just tying myself in circles trying to avoid spoilers. Sorry, non-spoiler people!

    2. It would seem that Zack certainly and possibly others thought that Garibaldi was another Franklin, taking a long unpaid vacation to work through some personal issues. So as long as he wasn’t doing any actual harm with his special link and gun, why not let him keep them? Against regulations, but showing flexibility to a valued and trusted long-term member of the staff.

  2. I love this podcast, I just have to point out one inaccuracy – Zathras is awesome! The scene was sublime. But, then I am someone who loves Strax the Sontaran…

    Aside from that, great podcast.

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