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Episodes from the second season starring Bruce Boxleitner as Captain John Sheridan

Episode 44: “The Fall of Night”

B5AG guest and Radio Free Skaro host
Steven Schapansky

The second season finale ends with a bang (alas, Centauri warship; alas, core shuttle) and a whimper (alas, kind of, Keffer). How does “The Fall of Night” do in wrapping up a season and whetting the appetite for season three? Let’s ask our returning Control Group!

Episode 43: “Comes the Inquisitor”

Lynne M. Thomas
Lynne M. Thomas
Michael Damian Thomas
Michael Damian Thomas

The Audio Guide to Babylon 5 welcomes Lynne and Michael Damian Thomas of Uncanny Magazine and numerous SF podcasts to talk about “Comes the Inquisitor”! As you might expect, the five of us go on at great length about whether a Creepy Victorian Antagonist makes this too Star Trekky an episode, a pivotal elevator scene, the continued development of G’Kar, and of course just what this interrogation means for Delenn and Sheridan. And, in the spoiler section, shade shall be thrown at certain long-haired actors.

Episode 41: “Divided Loyalties”

For a couple of years now, those of us who have seen the entire run of the series have waited for this moment: “What did Steven think of what happened to Talia Winters?”

Sadly, Steven couldn’t join us for this one, but our intrepid moderator Erika reports on the Control Group’s reaction (heh, I just typed that and saw what I did there). There’s much talk of trap doors, flashbacks, continuity and exposition. And Chip inadvertently makes the dirtiest joke in B5AG history.

Episode 40: “Confessions and Lamentations”

Jason Snell
Jason Snell

Jason Snell rejoins us, which means we have a better than 50-50 chance of this being a really depressing episode. Many Markab died to bring you this podcast. Plus, in the spoiler section, Chip uses the words “arc,” “crucible” and “stealth” in completely nonsensical order.

Episode 38: “Knives”

Well, we didn’t hate it.

“Knives” is a return to the A-plot/B-plot style of which we saw so much in Season 1. Could either plot have carried an episode on its own? How stunningly effective was the Prime Time Entertainment Network’s trailer? How do you pronounce “Knives”? And what element led Chip to splutter, “It’s not even cheesetastic. There is no ‘tastic’ to this cheese”?