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Episode 41: “Divided Loyalties”

For a couple of years now, those of us who have seen the entire run of the series have waited for this moment: “What did Steven think of what happened to Talia Winters?”

Sadly, Steven couldn’t join us for this one, but our intrepid moderator Erika reports on the Control Group’s reaction (heh, I just typed that and saw what I did there). There’s much talk of trap doors, flashbacks, continuity and exposition. And Chip inadvertently makes the dirtiest joke in B5AG history.

Earhart’s: “Divided Loyalties” Spoiler Space

Chip here. I’m genuinely not sure what kind of banter to provide in this space. After all, people new to the show see these descriptions too. So if I talk about how this is the [REDACTED] episode in which we see [REDACTED] [REDACTED] I run the risk of spoiling it for everyone. And we can’t even talk about the revelation that [REDACTED] is a [REDACTED] [REDACTED].

Well, I guess that’s what the comment thread is for!