8 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-free Discussion of “No Compromises””

  1. It would be a very, very deep rabbit hole to explore, but I briefly wondered if Sheridan would have undercut Ivanova in the same way regarding political-or-military decisions.

    It’s a futile exercise because Ivanova would likely make some different decisions, resulting in a very different story. But though Ivanova and Sheridan clearly had a better working rappor at this stage in the story, it would’ve been all the more dramatic if Sheridan did start undercutting Ivanova’s command decisions.

    But back in our own reality, Lochley’s no-nonsense attitude definitely makes it tough to like her in this episode. As viewers, we know exactly how crazy things get on B5, so it makes her look uninformed or ill-prepared. But I still like how quickly she fits in and develops different working relationships with the rest of the team. (Or non-working relationships in the case of Garibaldi.)

    1. I think the no-nonsense Lochley works better in giving the character room to grow. On first viewing I didn’t find her unlikeable, just someone who has no idea what she’s really getting into. (After four seasons the viewers know much more about how crazy B5 really is than most people would in-universe.) And I didn’t think she was obnoxiously “by the book”, just someone intending to play it safe to start with.

  2. Something else I almost forgot: I *really* hope that our hosts include Crusade in this podcast, because all this discussion about how TNT saved B5 makes it sound like it was a grand gesture for sci-fi fans. And yet just a year later, they were backstabbing and making impossible demands. (That’s oversimplifying it, I know.)

  3. We tentatively plan to cover Crusade and other post-B5 content (he said carefully in the spoiler-free section), but we’ll be taking some time off after the last episode of Season 5. How we cover them is still under discussion. Our focus is the B5 story.

      1. I’ve only ever seen a few random episodes of Crusade. Those are the one with the very angry doctor who slips out the side door, the one with the big bright fire jewel trapped down a well and the episode with the land-speeder. Can we watch those first?

    1. Don’t take too long off, you three are such a part of my life ritual!!! Awesome work from you all (and I’ve tried to sample some other B5 podcasts…)

      I really hope you do the full video collection of the B5 universe. I also wouldn’t mind a book study of the various canon novels and trilogies (impossible wish, I know…)

  4. It does indeed look like starfury assassin is crying, however it’s a happy accident: the places light shines on the helmet glass and the sweat on his head combine with the acted anguish to create the effect.

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