Earhart’s: “The Paragon of Animals” Spoiler Space

As if nearly being assassinated on the eve of his inauguration wasn’t bad enough, Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan now has to pull off the impossible and convince everyone to sign the declaration of independence principles even as G’Kar continues to edit the darn thing. And Lyta meets the new telepaths.

Chat about how these things shake out later in the season here.

7 thoughts on “Earhart’s: “The Paragon of Animals” Spoiler Space”

  1. This is not specific to this episode (as much as I would love to spend hours deriding the ridiculousness of Byron — Ok seriously, its like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King had a baby and raised him at the royal Shakespeare academy for douchebaggery.)

    But I digress- This is the best podcast out there for actual episode discussion. The Babylon Podcast does have some cool guests and stories from the cast and crew (Not that the AGB5 doesn’t) but they literally only spend 5 minutes discussing the episode and plot implications. For fans who actually want an in depth (and in some cases shot by shot) analysis this is where they need to go. Also… its basically chocked full of spoilers from episode 1.

    1. Agreed. Beyond being over reminded that our “control group” “didn’t say fudge”, this is a great podcast. I’ve tried other B5 podcasts and they are chock full of f-bombs, self importance and incoherence. I’ll be sad the day this podcast ends.

      I’d love them to try Crusade in the JMS order but hard to get excited about Crusade with no end to it. 🙁

  2. On subsequent re-watching, Season 5 seems to get better and better, even Byron. There is a lot of good non-Byron stuff going on and this episode isn’t bad. I think the weakest of this entire season is LEARNING CURVE.

  3. Really?? I think learning curve is one of the strongest episodes of the season. And let me justify…

    Seasons 2-4 were all in service of the two main arcs (Shadow/Civil War). All the stories in those seasons were mostly laying the groundwork for the payoff on those two stories. E.g. – We are told there are rangers, we know the Psi Corp is scheming, and we know the Centauri have some serious internal issues. But, we never see much day to day with those particular plot lines. To put it another way, what do Rangers do before they go out to fight the Shadows, what is the Psi Corp doing when they aren’t worried about Babylon 5, and how does the Centaurum actually operate. JMS built an amazing looking house in those seasons, but if we were to walk through that house what would we see furnishing it? Season 5 is the window dressing. We get to see slice of life episodes that feel much more like the non-arc heavy episodes of Season 2. They are character pieces. (This is very much why “There all the honor lies” is one of my favorite Season 2 episodes). B5 really shines when the characters are not dealing with galaxy spanning implications, but when two or three characters are engaged on a personal level. And I agree the IMPLICATIONS of these smaller moments may have grander ripple effects, but the moments themselves are surprisingly low stakes (I’m thinking here of the G’Quan’eth story from Season 1). This is why I feel the “One-off” episodes actually tend to be the best. You get flesh on the bones of the story that inform and add even more weight to grander plot moments.

  4. Do you guys know that this episode isn’t appearing at all in the iTunes podcast feed? The last one there is “The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari”. I came to the website to make sure everything was OK.

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