Mack and Bo kill time in a shelter during an attack on Babylon 5.

Episode 93: “A View from the Gallery”

DEPLOY THE GREEK CHORUS! Two never-before-seen minor characters Rosencrantz and Guildenstern their way through the space station and their cast. In Spoiler Space for the previous episode, our intrepid podcasters expressed their dread of “A View from the Gallery.” Was it misplaced? Did the memory cheat? Are we on Team Mack and Bo now?

3 thoughts on “Episode 93: “A View from the Gallery””

  1. Just discovered Pick Channel in the UK is transmitting series 1 at 10 am and 8pm GMT daily. Only up to ep 10. Trying to get friends to watch.

    1. that is so great. I wonder what version they are transmitting? Same as DVDs with wide film and “blown up” effects? It is sad that B5 isn’t on tv in US. I really think the new era of binge watching is perfect for serialized shows.

      Also, I hope when this is all over that our intrepid hosts might tackle a “b5 arc vs. DS9’s Dominion War arc” and see any similarities, or cross pollination. I watched DS9 first and really LOVED the multi part stuff, but didn’t love the stand alones (which is 90% of the series). Whereas B5 hits every “long saga” pleasure neuron in my brain.

      If DS9 was as consistently serialized (as the show runners wanted it to be) it would give B5 a serious run. Sadly, the needs of 90s TV were for stand alone shows, which can be great, but don’t leave much to look forward to.

  2. Glad I made someone’s day with this news. I’ve not seen all of DS9, though I’ve heard a lot about the parts I missed, so a comparison with the Dominion Arc sounds perfect to me.

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