G'Kar and N'a Toth

Episode 6: “The Parliament of Dreams”

So many fishies, gods by the bushel, curiously attached spectacles and little red fruit: it’s an episode that Shannon and Chip thought would be a perfect jumping-on point and Erika kinda dreaded. Welcome to “The Parliament of Dreams”!

2 thoughts on “Episode 6: “The Parliament of Dreams””

  1. Erika, I so wish you could see in Sinclair what I see! There’s a maturity there that I have always found totally compelling. It’s a subtlety of manner that always left me wondering – knowing – that there was something so substantial underneath that made me want to know more, to see more!

    I’m beginning to think it may just be a matter of our age difference that makes us see things differently (not giving out actual numbers, but suffice it to say I watched Star Trek: TOS during it’s initial run).

    During the original B5 run, I was so upset to lose O’Hare. Even more upset more recently to find out the sad reasons behind it.

  2. I was lost on the not liking the religious aspect, especially from the writing standpoint. It seems that the other races chose their prominent religion and Sinclair, in representing earth and B5, wanted to make the point that there wasn’t one prominent religion and chose to include many of the religions on earth. And since the greeting line fades out, you get the sense that it just kept going. I would think in today’s “multi-cultural” society that would’ve been a positive point, not a negative one.

    Personally, I disliked that bit because it makes it seem like all religions are more or less the same. Or that all religions are equal. That is not my personal view. But within the context of the plot and also from the general writing viewpoint, it made sense.

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