3 thoughts on “Earhart’s: “A Tragedy of Telepaths” Spoiler Space”

  1. The Byron tales really do work much better as repeated viewing. Two things struck me, both mentioned before on these threads.

    1) (Of course) Lochley is not Ivanova.
    Voord said Sheridan isn’t the protagonist in what’s ostensibly Byron’s story, and this is accentuated when we consider Corwin is also not Ivanova. Only Zack serves as her command staff sound-board, and their green-ness may be part of the underwhelming sense of involvement.

    2) Byron really is Bester’s boy.
    Tyson brought this up and it deserves more comment. Behind that free love ganja smokin’ surfer hair, lies a former member of the Bloodhound unit. The assumed dominance with which he treats assembled teeps is pure learned from the dark Corps. It reminds me of the education debate around special needs students: compartmentalisation or integration?
    Byron now has his feet firmly on the side of the former. He’s given in completely to an institutionalised mind-set, not unlike the form Bester celebrates.

    1. Bester’s Boy is the lesser-known sequel to Gregory’s Girl. It has less football, less discussion of sneezing, and more complete personality reconstruction.

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