3 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-free discussion of “Mind War””

  1. I like this episode, lots of foreshadowing and it seemed well paced to me. What I really got me, though, was what G’Kar said to Catherine at the end, about how there are creatures billions of years older than us, and how we can no more communicate or understand them than an ant could understand or communicate with us.

    One thing about Star Trek that always annoyed me was that everything had to be explained and wrapped up, there was no mystery left by the end of the episode. I like the idea of a universe where somethings cannot be explained or understood by us mere mortals, and I liked that JMS seems to understand that half of the fun of exploring the galaxy is realizing how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.

    I don’t know if these aliens (for lack of a better word) will ever come back, but if they do I hope we never really understand them.

  2. sorry if reposting, new user to site visually sense off line permanent, and don’t know all the technology to navigate, but I will be heard. I LOVE anything about telepathy and love to hate Bester, great podcast for the last best hope for TV. Thanks, have watched the series with my 3rd eye many times, even got mind scanned in a nightmare by Bester, it wasn’t fun.

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