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Episode 7: “Mind War”

Guest co-host Andy Ihnatko
Andy Ihnatko

We’ve got our first guest co-host, and he’s a doozy: please welcome Chicago Sun-Times columnist and podcaster Andy Ihnatko to the B5AG Advisory Council, as we tackle “Mind War.” The telepath storyline expands significantly with the introduction of the PsiCops and Bester, and for a second straight episode G’Kar and the Narns shed their Klingonish cloak as Catherine Sakai drives into a rough part of town. Come for the peek into a possible future for humanity; stay for the Jerry Lewis impression.

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  1. Just wanted to add to the comments about JMS returning to the giant glowing mushroom at Sigma 957. As intriguing as it would be to never have found them again, it was set up in the episode that mysterious forces roam that area, I believe, if I remember correctly, that that is the reason GKar refuses to help Catherine Sakai in their negotiations.
    If he is aware of multiple reports that first ones roam there, even if he’s unaware that it is a first one, it means that the big shiney mushroom of doom must therefore be a regular visitor to the area. And as JMS is keen to point out, if there’s a gun one the wall in act 1 then you must use the gun in act 3. It wouldn’t, in my opinion, fit his universe to not bring back the mushroom.

    Plus it also gives us another great Marcus/Ivanova scene! “I’ll get a bucket” 😀

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