6 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-free discussion of “And the Sky Full of Stars””

  1. I’m a new viewer too and it was really refreshing to listen to Steven’s thoughts on the episode. I felt extremely similar to him regarding the sense of mystery and foreboding this episode had, it really served to draw me in as a new viewer and intrigue me to know where this show and the characters are going

  2. Not a particular comment on this show but just wanted to give the podcast crew a thumbs up and let you know I am enjoying the show. I will receive the entire series (plus the movies plus Crusade) on Tuesday and hope to get caught up with y’all by the next podcast

  3. Not sure where this goes, as it’s a comment on the podcast, not the episode.

    Anyway, I found the inclusion of Steven to be a great addition to the show. It really added a spark to hear someone with no prior knowledge talk about the episode. If there is any way to add him as a regular or recurring member would be great.

  4. Ah the introduction of the music known as “Requiem for the Line.” Haunting and beautiful it is one of my favorite pieces of music in the whole series.

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