Zocalo: Spoiler-free discussion of “Deathwalker”

We see an awful lot more of the Vorlons than we have to this point in a story that’s barely contained by 2,500,000 tons of spinning metal. What did you think of “Deathwalker”? Feel free to discuss it without fear of spoilers for the rest of the series.

Chip here, to make a special invitation to take advantage of the spoiler-free threads! We want B5AG to be a welcoming place for people to discover Babylon 5, so if you’re new to the series we’d love to hear from you–and if you’re a veteran, please give your thoughts about the episode on its own merits.

4 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-free discussion of “Deathwalker””

  1. Deathwalker is a story that is better as an idea than as an execution of those ideas. The idea that (a) secret to immortality can cause galactic wide war among those seeking the secret now feels like a resource depletion parable.

    The ultimate zero-sum game. But the acting is not…strong in this one. Again. Season one blues

  2. I really agreed with your thoughts on this one and like Steven was really confused and perplexed by the Vorlons’ actions. Ambassador Kosh’s big outfit makes him a huge looming figure and I think that really suits him and the Vorlons.

    Sidenote: I’ve been liking your podcast and the show so much that you guys inspired me to pick up the first couple seasons on DVD. I’m early into Season Two now (again no spoilers) but just oh boy. I can’t say much but I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these episodes and see where the characters go from the point I’m currently watching because just wow

  3. For those who didn’t see the pilot first time round, like me, this was a huge episode as we get to see some of Kosh’s motivations (not sure that’s the right word, but we get to see something of his mysterious ways).

    His uncompromising solution to the Deathwalker and her immortality serum really highlights that the Vorlon will do whatever they see fit when it comes to affairs of the Galaxy.

    “telepaths make him squiffy” – was that the line?!

  4. I’m slowly catching up on the episodes so I’m not sure if anyone else has recommended using ‘fortnightly’ instead of ‘biweekly’ to describe your podcast – as Doctor Who fans you’ll be fine with the british lingo 🙂

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