Garibaldi falls off the wagon

Episode 12: “Survivors”

“Podcasting again, Uncle Mike?” Garibaldi has a Really Bad Day, but that’s peanuts compared to what almost happens to the Earth Alliance President. We reflect on what happens when Ivanova and Kemmer let their hair down, Garibaldi lets his guard down and Sinclair just tries to be everyone’s Dad.

(Got spoilery thoughts about this and future episodes of Babylon 5? You know where to go.)

2 thoughts on “Episode 12: “Survivors””

  1. Are you kidding me? Threats against the man in the White House, Obama? More so than previous presidents? Where is the evidence for that? I would assume all presidents have threats against them at some point or another. President Bush had more hatred and lies spoken against him than anyone I’ve ever seen in my 40+ years on this earth.

  2. I liked this episode, partly because some of the lines were so good. “I need a drink. Give me a water. Straight up.” Which wasn’t only funny, but also was significant to the story. While watching Sinclair square off with Major Kimmler, I thought it would be fun to see Ivanovo take her on. And it was! “You’re going to resist, right?” Love it! You guys talked about how stiff Major Kimmler was, and now my head canon is that she IS young and in a very responsible job and she’s overcompensating. But that doesn’t fix her unprofessional suspicions. I also like the thought that this is in space, light years from bureaucracy. So things that might get you fired on Earth won’t on B5. And while Sinclair still isn’t my favorite, I did like the character’s handling of conflict between Kimmler’s overcompensating but still valid authority and wanting to protect his own subordinates. I like how he handled taking Garibaldi’s gun and badge…he did it because he had to, but you could tell he didn’t enjoy it.

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