Walker Smith, Garibaldi and a Zima sign

Episode 20: “TKO”

Erika, Shannon and Chip debate the finer points of mixed martial arts and wonder aloud what happens when you have an episode without a discernable “A” plot. Grab a Zima and sit back!

3 thoughts on “Episode 20: “TKO””

  1. Worf and his parents is one of the relatively few TNG character-backstory moments that I liked. About the only time when they remembered that “Raised by humans” doesn’t mean “Raised by generic, i.e. American, humans.”

  2. The best thing to come out of TKO was the name “The Mutai.” This eventually became the name of the Babylon 5 Fan Club’s no-holds barred, un-moderated message board. “Take it to the Mutai!” was the cry in the moderated board, whenever the discussion got too heated, and that’s where the combatants posts would be sent!

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