5 thoughts on “Episode 20: “TKO””

  1. Worf and his parents is one of the relatively few TNG character-backstory moments that I liked. About the only time when they remembered that “Raised by humans” doesn’t mean “Raised by generic, i.e. American, humans.”

  2. The best thing to come out of TKO was the name “The Mutai.” This eventually became the name of the Babylon 5 Fan Club’s no-holds barred, un-moderated message board. “Take it to the Mutai!” was the cry in the moderated board, whenever the discussion got too heated, and that’s where the combatants posts would be sent!

  3. I watched this “out of order” because it was next up on Amazon Prime (and I have enough trouble figuring out which episode I am supposed to be watching, but that’s not important right now) so I will be interested to check in with it again in the “correct” order. I did like that we got to see Ivanova deal with her grief, and while the meddlesome Rabbi may not be great, I did get touched by her performance and even cried a bit. I agree, Sinclair was great here. (And I have to say that in my own military career I had people who gave me space to grieve and encouraged me to do so when I would have preferred to stay distracted by work and deny the loss at all. So this storyline really worked for me.)
    The Martian Fight Club was less interesting, although my son was definitely amused at the choreography “Don’t hit me, this makeup took three hours!”
    The two non-related plots didn’t go great together, but I like to think that the writers wanted to represent Ivanova’s inner emotions and that’s why Martian Fight Club went here. So that’s my head canon, even if the execution wasn’t great.
    Good to know this is lowest point for the season! It definitely wasn’t Sinclair’s lowest.

  4. Wow. I was shocked when I heard you guys were dreading TKO.
    I’ve always looked back fondly on this one, and counted it among my list of “good episodes in season 1”
    Not because of the Walker Smith plot, of course. That was silly and badly written.

    But the Ivonova stuff is POWERFUL. It moved me very deeply. Her breakdown at the end felt very real to me.
    And I have absolutely no issue whatsoever with a purely character-based episode. Too often, Star Trek TNG inserted a dull “threat-of-the-week” plot to character episodes because they felt they had to. I’ll agree that the end of the season is not the right time for this, but on VHS and DVD, this was always in the middle of the season.

    Anyway, I know I’m coming in years late, but loving the podcast.

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