Zocalo: Spoiler-free Discussion of “A Distant Star”

How does Sheridan handle his newfound fear that he’s been “beached”? Do you agree with 23rd-century dietary principles? What do you think of┬áhyperspace in the B5 universe: a swell place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there? And how’d Dorothy Fontana do on this script? Talk amongst yourselves, but please, leave the spoilers at home.

5 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-free Discussion of “A Distant Star””

  1. I really want to try Bagna Cauda. And have done for, um, wow, 20 years it must be now, ever since this ep. I’ve seen recipes. But I’d sooner have it made for me first, just so I know what it’s meant to be like.

  2. Always enjoyed the ‘lost in hyperspace’ story – but man, Captain Maynard was one of the most poorly cast people in all of Babylon 5 – including all of season 1. Every time that guy opened his mouth I was ripped out of the good story by his terrible acting.

    1. Me too. Which was a bummer, I think it could have been a memorable episode if there had been any chemistry in his scenes.

  3. Sure, the early scenes jar a bit, but really there’s strong chemistry aplenty in Boxleitner and Tamblyn’s latter partnerings. They look like best friends together and alone! Tamblyn taunts well, and cooly listens. There’s mutual respect, and intimacy between them. He’s a fine actor, though I’d have liked to see more of the Jacoby boyishness which he may have brought in to play. The result seemed straighter than intended. Then again, (I suspect) these two Earthforce pranksters are both men in their forties, and the plot is a fast move over character.

    The scene where Tamblyn is socialising with other members of the B5 staff also felt just right. Rusler in the same place a few episodes ago, clearly didn’t. Maybe all these new faces in the command staff are screwing up the relationship trust?

  4. It should be noted that Russ Tamblyn got his start very early; he was a classical Broadway triple threat (actor, singer, dancer). He starred in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954) as the youngest brother, Gideon, and in West Side Story (1961) as Riff, the second leader of the Jets.

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