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Episode 28: “A Spider in the Web”

Talia Winters…is back!

San Diego…is a wasteland!

John Sheridan is…a truther? (Absolutely not!)

And there’s something sinister lurking within the station–an eponymous spider…in the web…

(Note that we had some audio issues with this recording–not too bad, but a little off our preferred standard. Zathras apologizes.)

One thought on “Episode 28: “A Spider in the Web””

  1. Hi Folks,

    I am listening to the podcast for “Spider in the Web,” and have a correction to offer. The correct title is “Spider in the Web” (no “A” at the beginning.) This is confirmed not only by the on-screen credits during the episode, but according to the author (Larry DiTillio) in his introduction to the scrip in “Babylon 5 – Other Voices Vol 2) this is the one thing that fans get wrong most often.

    “The most glaring mistake is the title. It was never called “A Spider in the Web,” it was just “Spider in the Web”…”

    If “everywhere else in the universe,” states the title as, “A Spider in the Universe,” the universe is wrong.

    Bob Langer

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