7 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-free Discussion of “Knives””

  1. What a terrible episode! I am sorry but Carmen Argenziano might be a fine actor, I mean, I loved his work on SG-1, but in this he’s awful. I dunno, it just feels like he’s trying too hard. And that accent! The Sheridan story was pretty pants too IMHO

    1. I totally agree Carmen A was totally over the top in this one. When he said that bit about Refa I thought OMG . He was so bad in this that if it weren’t for his name in the credits I’m not sure I would have recognized him as the same guy from SG1. The episode while not the strongest did have one redeeming quality it allows Londo’s character to begin to see at least some of the results of his back room dealings with Morden and Refa.

  2. I didn’t have time to watch this one (or perhaps subconsciously I didn’t WANT to have time, so my Id-monster made damn sure I didn’t), so it came as a complete surprise to me there was a possessed-Sheridan B-plot. It’s a bit, um, TNG overall isn’t it? And I mean BAD early TNG. You had the one with possessed Picard (that one with Mick Fleetwood as an alien). Plus you have just about every single Worf vs Honour episode EVAR.

    I wonder, would this make the top ten worst eps? I’m conscious this is the spoiler-free section so i won’t speculate about future eps that might rival it.

  3. As I said elsewhere, I never got to see Knives until the series went into syndication (or was that on dvd?)

    I had the vcr set up to record the only station in Alberta that was even airing B5 and went to the pub.

    Much to my surprise, I came home to discover that the cable company had swapped some of the channels around, and I had taped an hour of country music television!

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