Londo, Vir and Na'Far

Episode 47: “A Day in the Strife”

This is the trail mix of Babylon 5¬†episodes: a little chunk of plot here, a chewy nugget of insight here, a scattering of tasty character development, and an A-plot that doesn’t really hold everything together. Which is why it’s a trail mix and not an energy bar. And now Chip’s hungry.

One thought on “Episode 47: “A Day in the Strife””

  1. I’ve been doing a second re-watch for an online community I’m part of, so I was looking up something or other regarding the show and came upon your podcast. Looks like I’m way behind, so I will have to do a catch-up to even get current with where I am in viewing. (Mid-S1.)

    I just heard the intro show and I really liked the idea of doing half spoiler-free/half spoiler-full! This is definitely one show where you don’t want to be spoiled.

    I don’t know how, but I never even heard of this show when it first aired. I discovered it 2008 only because I had one particular online friend who was forever evangelizing everyone about it. (And now I know why!) I finally got the Netflix DVDs and was hooked pretty much right away. It was a slow start, but it kept my attention. It’s now one of my favorite shows of all time. It is certainly the best written.

    And I am now that annoying person telling others, “YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!”

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