Delenn issues her ultimatum to Earthforce.

Episode 54: “Severed Dreams”

“Why not? Only one human captain has ever survived battle with a Minbari fleet. He is behind me. You are in front of me. If you value your lives, be somewhere else.”

B5AG guest and Radio Free Skaro host
Steven Schapansky

Here to celebrate the greatest line in Babylon 5 so far is our returning Control Group, Steven Schapansky!

4 thoughts on “Episode 54: “Severed Dreams””

  1. My mind drifts back to the Restoration Team’s rationalizations for reshooting the UNIT/Dalek battle for the “special edition” second disc of the Day Of The Daleks DVD: they wanted that battle to be as epic – or as close to epic as their budget could get them – as they remembered it.

    Severed Dreams, on the other hand, *is* as epic as we remember it.

    I actually liked the languid pan across C&C before the jump gate admits the opposing forces. I think it stops short of being cheesy – it’s as slo-mo as you can get without being slo-mo, which is sort of appropriate since it’s the last few seconds of anything resembling normalcy for everyone in that room.

    1. I agree w/earl too I liked the C&C scene before the jumpgate opened it felt to me a scene of war movie of the quiet before the storm moment. Sheridan waited and we saw the other officers reactions waiting for the action and scared in the same time, And I loved that after the earth ships runaway from Delenn (who wouldn’t?) we saw the officers looked relived ,got to say l was breathing w/them..

      Also another thing I noticed that you didn’t mention was the fact that we had a guy in the C&C that didn’t want to stay after Sheridan speech, he left ..this moment was great, shown us that not all officers in B5 feel like Sheridan, some would go away and I remember when I 1st saw it w/my moment brother we thought we can understand this guy, we can all be scared and want to go home .
      JMS did great work w/the little details of civil war and fighting against the government..

        1. It was HUGE episode so things would be forgotten.. Another thing that I feel should be mention was another continuing lines. When the senior officers talk about their options fight or serenader, Sheridan mentions his promise to Delenn and the Rangers in his army of light speech in “the long twilight straggle” he said he will put a line against the darkness no matter what..which was another thing they should think about the war against the shadows, I loved it ..

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