3 thoughts on “Earhart’s: “The Long Night” Spoiler Space”

  1. #LennierWatch Trying to warn about Coriana Six, “I know”, the seething tone of the ignored. And there is the one we’ll come to grieve for, in war council sessions the least among equals.
    24:58 drunk Vir

    Interesting hearing you talk much about Lorien so much when he’s absent this episode: Sheridan’s playing much bigger moves indeed, there’s Old Ones’ marks all over this.

  2. “Is Babylon 5 binge-able television?”

    Funny story there. About once a year I will go looking for a specific scene because some crazy out-of-left-field thought has occurred to me to make a meme out of it.

    And then I wind up watching the whole episode.

    And then the rest of the season.

    Followed by the rest of the series.

    Babylon 5 kind of sucks me in. It’s a big bag of TV potato chips, I can’t eat just one. Some of it is just remembering the time of my life when it aired – things seemed so much simpler then – but mostly it’s because the characters are like old friends. I never deliberately set out to binge-watch it…it just sort of happens.

    Also: thank you for railing against “received wisdom” in various fandoms. Speaking as the guy who loved Love & Monsters, who still thinks Star Trek: The Motion Picture is the best Star Trek movie, who rewatched the prequels in the week after seeing Rogue One and *still* doesn’t hate them, and who likes the ELO albums where it’s basically just Jeff Lynne, I feel that “received wisdom” is a bane of any fandom. It’s almost like it absolves incoming fans of the enjoyment and discovery of watching something new and making their own judgement. One of the great pleasures of introducing someone new to a fandom is to watch their reactions as they discover it; “received wisdom” steals that – from both the new fan, and from whoever is guiding them gently into a new universe. I know that received wisdom existed before the internet – i.e. years and years of “There’s nothing redeemable about Underworld of The Horns of Nimon!” – but it sometimes seems like the internet amplifies it to a ridiculous degree.

  3. Even though at this point it’s quite difficult to judge episodes separately I always thought The Long Night is the best episode of the first half of season 4.

    In the Downbelow introcast newbies always talk about Narnia as well, so it seems to be a thing.

    Vir’s weight loss between seasons 3 and 4 happened, because Stephen Furst almost had his foot amputated because of diabetes complications. He lost about 80 lbs, and all Vir’s costumes were too large when the shooting for season 4 was about to start.

    And even though it’s more about the next episode I’m one of those who’s somewhere in between about “Get the hell out of our galaxy!” I really like the concept, but the execution feels unusually lacking for such a momentous B5 episode. According to Season by Season books originally the finale of the war was supposed to be about two and a half episodes, and obviously the pace feels very rushed in just one episode. This is obviously one of the many issues of seasons 4 and 5 that wouldn’t be there with the originally planned pacing.

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