A coerced confession on ISN

Episode 73: “The Illusion of Truth”

It’s the B5 directorial debut of one Vir Cotto (not appearing on your screen this time) and the flip side to Season 2’s “And Now for a Word.” Call them Alternative Facts, call it Fake News, call it what you like: Sheridan and Delenn discover the limits of truth-telling before Interstellar Network News in a 1997 episode that feels really darn uncomfortable 20 years later.

2 thoughts on “Episode 73: “The Illusion of Truth””

  1. I had forgotten that the “expert” consulted in the propaganda broadcast said “Helsinki Syndrome”. In my head-canon ISN is the 23rd century Fox News, so in that light this oversight is actually quite believable.

  2. As I listen half way through this, I now cannot get the image of an elected official in the government sporting a blonde version of the Centauri hair style.

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