6 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-Free Discussion of “Intersections in Real Time””

  1. There is one thing that needs to be sorted, right here and now! The line must be drawn here, no further! As John Sheridan once said, I think.

    Do we like our corned beef sandwiches with wholegrain mustard, or yellow?

    Me, I like Colman’s English mustard with mine, and sliced tomato, preferably in a granary loaf.

  2. When this episode first aired, at the very end when the interrogator re-enters Sheridan’s cell to effectively restart the ordeal from scratch, I was 100% expecting that the interrogator would be played by none other than Patrick McGoohan.

    It would’ve been perfect. And with all of the embedded references to =The Prisoner= that JMS had worked into the entire story arc over the seasons, the impact of PMG entering the room at that exact moment would’ve been… mind-shattering.

    To this day, I still “see” that entrance in the scene in question, even though it early didn’t happen that way.

  3. When I saw this episode for the first time I hadn’t actually seen the Star Trek Next Gen “Chain of Command”, so didn’t know how it compared.

    New viewers who had seen ST:NG, what did you think? Not comparable, each enjoyable, one better than the other?

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