Episode 5: “Infection”

We’ll come right out and say it: “Infection” ain’t exactly high art. There’s some stuff that works, some stuff that REALLY doesn’t, and more than a few allusions to the future of the series. That makes it worth watching, considering and enjoying (in places) with your co-hosts, who debate organic technology and soliloquies. And one of them keeps wailing “IKARRRAAAA!” to the heavens.

2 thoughts on “Episode 5: “Infection””

  1. Hi guys Luke here from Lincoln, UK. A HUGE Babylon 5 fan, I am so glad I stumbled upon this little diamond of a website. Loving the podcasts, you guys are great. Just catching up with them and watching each episode. Loved your last podcast for Born to the Purple, the debate about the psyche of Londo was fascinating. I always love watching each episode and discovering new angles, new character quirks, remembering the, for the most part, exquisite writing and all the subtle clues and world building for what is to come.
    Saying that, infection is not one of my favourites…but I will watch it as it does have lots of foundation for future events. Looking forward to your views!

  2. Plus any episode with more of the brilliant Richard Biggs as Franklin in is always a bonus! Love his banter with Garabaldi at the beginning “yeeees and what medical school did you go to?” Haha!

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