Zocalo: Spoiler-Free Discussion of “Rising Star”

Sheridan and his forces have succeeded in freeing Earth and its territories from Clark’s totalitarian government. But no good deed goes unpunished, as now the new interim government has to figure out what to do with him. And there’s also this issue of a new alliance of worlds.

Talk about how we got to this point here.

4 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-Free Discussion of “Rising Star””

  1. The ranger we’d seen most often,
    His enemies just couldn’t off him,
    He laid down his life,
    Would’ve made her his wife,
    Ivanova should have just boffed him.

  2. This episode is distinguished for me by having the worst guest performance in all of Babylon 5: Beata Pozniak as President Luchenko. Especially her delivery of the phrase “The bitch of it is.” To be fair, I believe she was still fairly new to acting in English at the time.

    It’s a shame, because that scene really has to work for the episode to work, and it sort of doesn’t. Rising Star is (obviously) horribly rushed for reasons outside JMS’s control, and that scene has to do the job of handwaving the political complications of the aftermath of civil war and the collapse of Clark’s regime. Plus, JMS tries to use it to gesture in the direction of being politically “savvy” and “realistic,” which isn’t generally where his strength lies in depicting things. The scene really didn’t need a weak performance on top of those two problems.

  3. My heart broke many times during this episode:

    First, Ivanova crying at the beginning, the loss after being afraid of what might have been with Marcus, and how she turned away.
    But the one that does it for me is Lennier. Oh Lennier! At first when Dellen says ‘he followed the path of his heart, the little look he gives…
    ‘all love is unrequited’ with his voice breaking just enough…

    The thrid time was when Garibaldi is in bed with Lisa, yes a heppy moment, but reminds me of a great love I had that was not meant to be

    The reunion of John and his dad was just awesome, made me wish I could hug my dad again

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