Extra: “The Whovian Guide to Babylon 5” from Long Island Who

From the Long Island Who convention on, well, Long Island: here’s the audio of Chip and Erika’s panel, “The Whovian Guide to Babylon 5.” Mild spoilers for the series are ahead as a roomful of Doctor Who and B5 fans compare and contrast the two series and look back on a beloved moment in time when new B5 episodes aired on random independent TV channels.

Please note that we have no explanation for why Chip and Erika look like Grumpy Cats in the above photo.

Episode 48: “Passing Through Gethsemane”

Jason Snell
Jason Snell

This is possibly one of the best done-in-one episodes of B5: meaty, great sci-fi concept, cultural commentary, well directed and (mostly) acted, psychological drama, and a surprising amount of fodder for the spoiler section. And because someone dies horribly in it, that means it’s time for that cheery soul Jason Snell to join us again!

Episode 47: “A Day in the Strife”

This is the trail mix of Babylon 5¬†episodes: a little chunk of plot here, a chewy nugget of insight here, a scattering of tasty character development, and an A-plot that doesn’t really hold everything together. Which is why it’s a trail mix and not an energy bar. And now Chip’s hungry.