4 thoughts on “Zocalo: Spoiler-free Discussion of “The Fall of Centauri Prime””

  1. Some people say that Babylon 5 is the story of Londo and G’Kar, and I could agree that the relationship is at least the backbone of the series. JMS says that it’s the most satisfying plot for him as well. It’s the one thread that wasn’t accelerated during the second half of season four, so it got to run its course properly paced almost as planned.

    Unfortunately this episode had the biggest cockup of the already incredible shoddy DVD masterings. On the first PAL release of season 5 DVDs this episode was missing everything before the opening credits, over three and a half minutes. Of course it was corrected quickly for the new pressings, but getting corrected disc once you had the faulty one required sending your DVD to Warner.

  2. Check out Liz backing up my theory that JSM is a closet authoritarian! No, folks, Space President doesn’t need accountability, checks and balances, or a mandate from the masses; he’s got a good heart!

    The dying words of the Regent is one of my all-time favourite scenes in the show. Until he got the keeper, we only saw him as a buffoon. After he got the keeper, he was pitiful. Finally, at the end, we see him display courage and clear-eyed self-assessment. Moments when disrespected characters are granted a bit of dignity get to me. Same reason why I love the times when Vir displays intelligence and competence.

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