7 thoughts on “Earhart’s: “Wheel of Fire” Spoiler Space”

  1. The Bowtie Paradox (sorry, that’s Doctor Who) The Tied Bow Paradox: No, Season 5 doesn’t satisfy me as a fully realised and prepared-for end, for that comes twenty years later. It’s a conscious decision of course, to let the stories of Garibaldi, Lyta, (and David) hang there. Of course the ’20 Years Later’ can’t be tied up in a five year arc, short of Centauri prophecy or actual time travel. That ‘Sleeping in Light’ scores A+ goes a long way to smoothing this over. The real finale always felt like PAD’s trilogy so I’m relishing hearing him talk about it at length.

    If yous do go with a spoiler zone for Ep. 110, i’ll be out, as I’ve not seen Crusade…or read the Psi-Corps trilogy. I’d quite like some company while I do that. Perhaps your future episodes cover those, and the other films?

    Tester: Has anyone started on the Lennier film yet?

    1. I came to Ellison from reading his columns on telly and politics. They a great insight into America in the 70s and 80s, when there was little candour on mega-culture. Funny too.

  2. After 5 years of listening to B5AG on and off, I have finally caught up with everything in time for the last few episodes – thanks for the insightful /and/ hilarious ride! Hoping you’ll continue with episodes for all the spin-off media…

      1. Unless our hosts have decided it doesn’t exist. There’s only one Matrix film, three George Lucas Star Wars films, and so on 🙂

        With Legend of the Rangers, where exactly do people think it fits in the timeline? Before or after A Call to Arms?

        1. Definitely before. G’Kar has returned from his jaunt with Lyta, and it’s implied she may have died (bringing down Psi Corps; flashback in the unproduced CRUSADE script “Value Judgments”). The Valen is the first attempt at integrating Minbari and Human technology, and it kind of sucks—with the Excalibur and Victory to follow in “A Call to Arms.”

          JMS intentionally scheduled LOTR to give him the option of dovetailing into the CRUSADE plot.

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