2 thoughts on “Episode 109: “Objects in Motion””

  1. Hey Chip, Erika, and Shannon.

    I’ve been listening to your entire podcast the last two months as I did my rewatch of the series. I have appreciates having you as a companion and getting that analysis even though episodes go back to 2014.

    However for this episode you didnt talk about a scene I was hoping you would discuss, which was Garibaldi’s firing method to the board. I loved that scene so much and I thought it was Garibaldi finally in full control of his life. Also Tessa being there added to that scene. The line “keep the cigars” was a final twisting of the knife and it was glorious.

  2. Dr. Sarah Chambers: [on the porn that came from Eilerson’s data crystal] There’s something you don’t see every day.
    [ … ]
    Dr. Sarah Chambers: As a Doctor, I have to say that’s totally unrealistic. An alien life form like the Pak’Ma’Ra is not biologically equipped to interface with humans in that kind of…
    Capt. Matthew Gideon: It’s an amazing thing, technology.

    Crusade Audioguide 2020!

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