Zento, Sinclair, Connoly and Sinclair's insomnia

Episode 13: “By Any Means Necessary”

Union-busting and horticulture come together in a surprisingly good mixture, as the Dockworkers’ Guild, an officious Senate negotiator, Londo and G’Kar combine to give Sinclair his worst 48 hours yet. There’s a lot of stubble and open-collar acting, but also an intriguing look at the world behind the space station. Won’t you join us for “By Any Means Necessary”?

One thought on “Episode 13: “By Any Means Necessary””

  1. I’ve been really enjoying the podcast. B5 is my favorite sci-fi show of all time. I think you folks are doing a great job I just wish the episodes were more frequent.

    I have one comment. There’s a pretty common thread throughout the episodes and that is no one is particularly enamored with Micheal O’Hare acting ability. I’ve noticed the same thing and would have to agree, but since JMS came out about MO’s mental illness. I’ve began to wonder just how much was his acting affected by his illness and if I was being a bit unfair to him. Have any of you wondered the same?

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