David Warner as Aldous Gajic

Episode 15: “Grail”

Erika and Chip are on opposite ends of the spectrum. One only has eyes for David Warner. The other would prefer a date with a na’ka’leen feeder than to watch “Grail” again. How does Shannon hold it all together? And who’s our special musical guest? (That last one’s easy. It’s the fantastically anthemic rockers out of Wisconsin, Sunspot! Check them out at sunspotmusic.com.

2 thoughts on “Episode 15: “Grail””

  1. 47 mins in…Chip said ‘Mollondo’. Works for me!

    I’ll have to re-watch this episode…it has someone framing Kosh as a killer…possibly someone touched by shadows? A touch left behind by Morden?

    Loving the ‘cast peeps.

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