One of several different variants of the same scar in one episode!

Episode 16: “Eyes”

B5AG guest and Radio Free Skaro host
Steven Schapansky

Erika and Shannon are joined once more by Steven Schapansky of Radio Free Skaro to talk about an episode in which all of Sinclair’s chickens come home to roost. If you were one of those fans who wondered how the character could keep sidestepping Bester, military bureaucrats and politicians, “Eyes” cheerfully tells you, “He can’t!” What did our Designated New Viewer think? Which character/performance did our team prefer, Ari Ben Zayn or Harriman Grey? And which character commits Babylon 5‘s first legitimate barroom brawl?

And where’s Chip? Felled by one Ben Zayn of a virus. He’ll be back next time.

One thought on “Episode 16: “Eyes””

  1. Re: Garibaldi as the “Number 1” type of character.

    This really reinforced to me that this is a military establishment. In most military units you have the CO (In this case Sinclair) the XO (Ivanova) who are both officers. Then you have your top enlisted person. You know like a *Chief* Petty Officer. The XO and the NCOIC have different roles, and in many cases, the top NCO position is a lower rank but has more experience than the XO (and sometimes the CO)

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