Londo: "Touch this."

Episode 19: “The Quality of Mercy”

Danger, Will Robinson! OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s enjoy a nice little reunion between two Lost in Space veterans (except they never actually share the screen) and learn the “finer” parts of Centauri physiognomy (“finer” is not meant literally). It’s a legal medical thriller and a barroom brawl thoroughly inhabiting the category, “It’s Better Than I Remembered It.” It’s “The Quality of Mercy,” up this week on The Audio Guide to Babylon 5.

One thought on “Episode 19: “The Quality of Mercy””

  1. My son and I really liked this episode. Lennier and Lando together were surprisingly good. What do they learn in religious caste school?? How to throw down! And happily we don’t learn what the tentacle is until the story is done. We liked the medical plot too. Nice balance of approved medicine and mercy-driven care. I liked how the serial killer met his demise and finally did something good, but still the doctor felt bad.

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