Earth Force One goes down.

Episode 22: “Chrysalis”

B5AG guest and Radio Free Skaro host
Steven Schapansky
Adventures with the Wife in Space co-author
Neil Perryman

The first-season finale is upon us! Joining Chip, Erika and Shannon to tackle “Chrysalis” in a bumper edition of The Audio Guide to Babylon 5 are B5 newcomer Steven Schapansky and longtime fan (and Adventures with the Wife in Space author) Neil Perryman. We talk about revelations and turning points, DVD mastering and pajamas.

Thank you all for joining us for the first season, and we look forward to picking up where we left off in two weeks with “Points of Departure” and another (returning) guest!

9 thoughts on “Episode 22: “Chrysalis””

  1. Listened up to the jump gate so far. I’m a bit disappointed that no one thought to ask Steven what he thought about Delenn having been building the Chrysalis device over the course of the *entire* season. It’s first appearance was back in Soul Hunter!

  2. Damn it. I’ve caught up with you.

    My daughter has been watching B5 with us. About two years ago (being nearly 4 at the time) she asked me to watch the show with the boy with the dots. Yep. She was asking for B5 (and talking about G’Kar, who is her favorite character)

  3. Oh gush. B5 Audio Guide canon pls. Meanwhile, the boy with the dots went to the Babylon 5 advisory council and… does she have a name for Londo?

  4. First, I really enjoy this podcast – thank you for making it available to us.
    Second, I think you guys are being awfully nice to O’Hare, and I certainly have sympathy after learning what he was going through. But looking objectively, he’s terrible in this series. My perspective is that I started B5 with season 2 – my friend who was the fan told me I could skip season 1. I already loved Boxleitner from Tron and Scarecrow & Ms. King. So I’m sure a bias exists – but when I did go back and rewatch season 1, O’Hare’s performance made it difficult. Most of the “human” characters were not that great either, but I chalk that up to what they had to work with. Everyone ups their game in season 2 when Sheridan arrives. I might have felt different if I started with Sinclair…but somehow I doubt it.

    I’m way behind of your episodes and am excited I have so many to catch up on! Thanks again!

  5. I’ve been catching up on this great podcast bit by bit and had to just point out something about the DVDs that was mentioned. After the jump gate there was a comment about the 2nd series title sequence spoiling everything. On the Region 2 DVDs the original broadcast titles that hide the spoilers are used.

    Also surprised the hear Neil say it was not popular in the UK. As someone who watched it from the start it was more than just cult, Channel 4 was very dedicated to airing it and even had the world premier of several episodes. They were consistent with their airing and made sure to publicise it. Sometimes they aired them in a more prime time position but they were restricted by the fact that as a public service broadcaster they had to show homegrown shows between 7-9pm

  6. We laughed a bit over Delenn’s crystal tinker toy set, but. This was a really good episode. Sinclair has been better lately. I think when the story embraces his “good at diplomacy” side and plays down the “aw shucks, I m just a fighter pilot” side, I like him better. I am not a huge fan of season-ending cliffhangers, but being able to go right into the next episode makes it bearable. I like that there is plenty of mystery to be revealed, and yet this was a good ending too. Looking forward to season 2!!

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