Starfury from "Signs and Portents"

EXTRA: B5 Animator “Mojo” Interviewed

Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz
“Mojo,” B5 animation wizard

For our first Extra edition of The Audio Guide to Babylon 5, Chip welcomes “Mojo,” senior computer animator during B5’s first three seasons and pilot, working with Ron Thornton’s Foundation Imaging. Be amazed at the raw processing power of the computers used to make “The Gathering”! Learn just how groundbreaking Foundation’s work was! Find out just what it took to make a space station spin while a Starfury flies in front of it and you’re plum out of polygons! Mojo was there, at the dawn of CGI for television…

WARNING: This episode contains a few spoilers for episodes not yet reviewed on the podcast.

8 thoughts on “EXTRA: B5 Animator “Mojo” Interviewed”

  1. Great interview, Chip!

    Put me down as someone who would love a B5 Remastered set! Of course, the cost of doing so would be huge but I wonder if it would be possible to do maybe a few episodes for sale as a pack. Like Mojo, I think “Severed Dreams” is an example of B5 at its absolute peak across the board (and one of the best hours of TV sci-fi ever). The three episode arc that culminates in that episode would be tremendous.

    Or maybe even, “In the Beginning.” Sure, it contains some major spoilers for the first three seasons but it does serve as an excellent on-boarding experience for the show.

    Thanks for all you guys are doing. Loving the podcast!

  2. Great to hear from Mojo again. I remember him talking about some of this at his convention appearances back in the day – always entertaining.

  3. If you can, remember to try and help out the fx vet – namely me, lol, as I work through health issues and try to return to normal space. Check out my go fund me page and see what you feel is appropriate. I’m more than happy to create custom images and animations for those who care to donate. Just say the word!


  4. I’m looking for support as I work through a current health crisis and look towards getting back on the road to full recovery. I hope to soon be back “in the game” once again creating groundbreaking visuals for shows like Trek & Galactica and many others. I’ve made so many significant contributions to the genre, I like to think I have much more to contribute…

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