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The Zocalo will be open soon!

The Audio Guide to Babylon 5
is coming soon! Every two weeks, hosts Erika Ensign from Verity! and The Incomparable and Chip and Shannon Sudderth from Two-minute Time Lord (plus the occasional Very Special Guest) will take you through another episode of Babylon 5, one of the greatest televised science fiction epics ever.

Think of this as a book club for TV. If you’ve never seen B5 before, let us be your guides. The beginning of each podcast will be aimed at you: we’ll talk about a B5 episode on its own merits, with no spoilers for future episodes. Then we’ll sound an appropriate spoiler warning and change gears to discuss the episode in the context of the entire run. What worked? What didn’t? And why, for all that’s holy, can you still buy Zima on the Zocalo? 

Look for Episode Zero, in which Erika, Shannon and Chip lay out their game plan and announce our starting point — “The Gathering,” “In the Beginning” or “Midnight on the Firing Line”? — coming soon.

10 thoughts on “The Zocalo will be open soon!”

  1. I heard you were doing this when you both were on the Incomparable this week. I look forward to hearing you get started!
    Thanks for doing this podcast.

    Erich Adickes

  2. Hi Guys. Looking forward to when you start the podcasts. May I suggest you include the movies and crusade as well? There is a great box set currently on release that is called Babylon 5 – The Complete Collection + The Lost Tales. It would be great to have the whole saga included when you start the show, for completionists ike me! (those that don’t have the complete collection, can always skip)
    I would say that “The Gathering” is a great place for you to start the show


  3. Looking forward to this podcast. Babylon 5 was the best sci-fi series ever. I’ve been rewatching all the episodes on DVD and can’t wait to dig into each episode some more.

  4. Really looking forward to your podcast! I listen to Verity! and 2MTL regularly, so I already know that listeners will be getting a great show. Babylon 5 was quite the series, and I hope that its anniversary and recent resurgence of fan attention will contribute to more media in the B5 universe. But, in any case, remembering and discussing the series in podcast form is sure to be engaging.

    Be seeing hearing you!

  5. I just started listening and love the your show. I’ll try to catch up. I’m a long time fan of B5, my all time fav scifi tv show. Ran through the series a few times and looking forward to another run through your eyes and analysis.

    1. Yay! Welcome! We hope you have even half as much fun listening as we do putting the show together, because that would be Very Much Fun indeed. 🙂

  6. Loved LOVED this podcast. Are you guys going to finish it? I’ve been monitoring my podcast feed for about 18 months now with a hopeful ear! Would really enjoy hearing your thoughts on Crusade and the tie-in media.

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