Vir hides behind Londo upon meeting Lyndisty.

Episode 57: “Sic Transit Vir”

It’s that lovable scamp Vir’s turn for a love story, and it’s also time for an exploration of the banality of evil and the horrors of genocide. Plus Ivanova gives sex advice and Delenn seasons flarn! You might think that “Sic Transit Vir” has the makings of an uneven episode. Several of your co-hosts might agree with you.

2 thoughts on “Episode 57: “Sic Transit Vir””

  1. I think you may have glossed over a big part of Lyndisty: monsters never believe that they are monsters. Her acting works in terms of someone who has joined the group think; and shows how dangerous that group think is (similar to how degenerate earthgov are becoming)

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