Sheridan sees Kosh's reflection.

Episode 65: “Z’ha’dum”

B5AG guest and Radio Free Skaro host
Steven Schapansky

Season three ends.

John Sheridan ends.

Anna Sheridan ends…again.

The Shadow War…pauses.

Michael Garibaldi…vanishes.

And Delenn despairs.

Welcome to one of the most devastating episodes of Babylon 5, to yet another turning point, and to our Control Group–with us once again–one Steven Schapansky!

2 thoughts on “Episode 65: “Z’ha’dum””

  1. I was never so happy that I came to Babylon 5 a bit late in the game then when I watched this episode end and realized that I didn’t have to wait til next season to see what happened next I need only pop a new disk in the DVD player. Thoroughly enjoyed the episode as well as the podcast about it.

  2. Greatest episode of b5, and imo, the best cliffhanger ever, even better than tngs bobw.p1. my teenage brain watched this in awe, and I must have sat in shocked silence for 10-mins after my first watch. Amazing. Fantastic and almost perfect.

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