Delenn and Dukhat

Episode 74: “Atonement”

OK, did this episode have the best guest casting find ever in B5 history, with Reiner Schone, or did it have the best guest casting find ever? Yeah, the three of us are big fans of Dukhat. Plus, this episode was directed by Wally Cleaver! And Lennier was such a nice guy in this one! All this, and revelations about Delenn on screen and Valen in spoiler space…

One thought on “Episode 74: “Atonement””

  1. While this is never directly addressed in Canon, on the Usenet boards, JMS has suggested that there’s a reason that some male Minbari, an essentially hairless species, have facial hair.

    Now that the term is in the open, they’re “children of Valen!”

    And next episode is Racing Mars, woohoo!

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