Episode 78: “Rumors, Bargains and Lies”

John “Machiavelli” Sheridan manipulates the alien governments into a fiendish conspiracy against Earth! (Or that’s how ISN might broadcast it these days.) Meanwhile, the Religious Caste is not too thrilled with Delenn making overtures toward Neroon, and bless poor Londo’s heart but now he has to lie about what a good Centauri he’s trying to be. Come join us as B5AG tallies the rumo(u)rs, bargains and lies (oh, my)!

One thought on “Episode 78: “Rumors, Bargains and Lies””

  1. They go on about how Dillen surely knows exactly what she’s saying and Lennir has the wrong view of her…

    doesn’t anybody else think like me, that she knew exactly what she was saying to shame them, but Lennir ALSO knew, that She knew, and said what He said deliberately to drive home the guilt and shame, while simultaneously building Dillen up, (in the ideals of the religious caste,) as a leader to rally behind, a person of single authority and destiny that they should listen to, knowing as he does that she is about to try Something to stop the fighting and unite the Mibari.

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