Lyta cries as she wears the Psi Corps badge again.

Episode 79: “Moments of Transition”

Stuffed to the gills with plot, “Moments of Transition” puts a pin in the Minbari Civil War, puts the screws to Lyta Alexander’s career, puts Michael Garibaldi at odds with both his new employer and his (former?) friends, and puts one Alfred Bester in the catbird seat.

James Thomson

Speaking of Bester, that character’s appearance brings independent Mac and iPhone developer James Thomson to the show as our fourth chair, ’cause he really likes Bester. We’re not sure what that says about him and will eye him with suspicion henceforth.

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  1. I love equating Scott Adams political views to OJ Simpson murdering his wife. What a great analogy. Such tolerant people here. Got to root out all that wrongthink, am I right?

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