Lennier meditates while Morden watches.

Episode 101: “Day of the Dead”

B5AG guest and Radio Free Skaro host
Steven Schapansky

The legendary Neil Gaiman made his American television debut writing the only episode of B5 not authored by Joe Straczynski since late Season 2. Was this mystical character piece too much of a departure from the “house style”? What the heck was Morden doing in Lennier’s quarters? We bring back the Space Mob’s biggest fan, first-time B5 watcher Steven Schapansky, for a fresh look at a story by a pre-American Gods and Coraline storyteller.

One thought on “Episode 101: “Day of the Dead””

  1. With regard to Kosh not appearing, was the Kosh suite not destroyed? I think it was mentioned in one of the DVD commentaries.

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